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  • Ordu GoTürkiye

    The province of Ordu is like the gate of the Eastern Black Sea Region.



    Ordu, which was ruled by the Cimmerians, Persians, Macedonians, Pontus, Romans and Byzantines since 7th century BCE, and finally came  under the rule of the Turks, is one of the most popular cities of the Black Sea with its thousands of years of history, cultural richness and natural beauty.



    In Ordu, which has a rich handicraft tradition, copperwork, basket weaving, cradle manufacturing, stonemasonry, wood carving, cane manufacturing, wood burning, pottery and broom manufacturing are among crafts that are still continued.



    Ordu cuisine culture has mostly evolved according to the geographical features of the city.



    On the long and clean shores of Ordu, you can enjoy the magnificent view of mother nature while sipping your tea accompanied by the freshness of the sea carried by the breeze blowing from the Black Sea at sunrise.



    As is the case throughout the Black Sea, the plateaus of Ordu generally host many festivals in the spring and summer months.

    10 vibes for Ordu

    like locals

    During the wee hours, ride a bicycle on the 12 km cycling track and walking path on the Ordu coastline, go for a walk, and when you get tired, relax while drinking your coffee at a cafe along the beach.



    48 hours

    in Ordu

    You can start the day with a visit to Paşaoğlu Mansion Ethnography Museum. After visiting this historical museum with 4361 registered works in total, you can visit the historical Taşbaşı Church, which is now a cultural center.