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    Ordu cuisine culture has mostly evolved according to the geographical features of the city. For example, the common  ingredients and flavors may vary between coastal areas and the interior, and between low plains and high plateaus. In this context, the fact that it has a coast to the Black Sea and is surrounded by high mountains right after the coast and that both fishery and agriculture and animal husbandry are widespread has made the cuisine culture of Ordu extremely diverse and rich.

    As a part of the Black Sea culture, black cabbage, corn flour, beans and fish are widely used in meals in Ordu. For this reason, black cabbage soup and wrap, hamsi tava (fried anchovies), hamsi pilavı (anchovy and rice), steamed sea bass as well as mısır ekmeği (corn bread) are among the delicacies you can enjoy in Ordu. Moreover, Ordu has a unique cuisine culture regarding the ingredients or style used in the region.

    When you go to Ordu, do not return without tasting hazelnut paste, Ordu pidesi (a kind of traditional pastry like pita), Ordu toast, su böreği (pastry), kuru yufka böreği, ısırgan yağlacı, Akkuş beans, pastry with hazelnut, dürme pickle, Yalıköy köftesi (meatball), honeyball with hazelnut (fındıklı bal topu), cevizli helva (walnut halva), keşkek, stew, melocan fried meat, galdirik kavurması ve pickle and sakarca fried meat.